Chinese dominate list of richest women

I read an interesting article of Financial Times ” Chinese dominate list of richest women” published on October 12 2010.   In this article, Mao, the Chinese first communist leader, remarked “Women hold up half the sky, since then it has been assumed that all women in China will work”, and some wealthiest Chinese women are cited in this articles:  Zhang Yin, 53, the Chinese head of a recycled paper company, Nine Dragons Paper, ranks as the wealthiest self-made woman on earth with an estimated personal fortune of $5.6bn. Wu Yajun, 46, of Longfor Property, comes in second with $4.1bn and Chen Lihua, 69, of Fuhua International, a Hong Kong conglomerate, ranks third with $4bn.

What about I am curious is that although China has been not only the target of human rights protectionism and environmental protectionists, but also has been condemned harmful products exported to foreign countries including unsafe foods and  its political system of conventional totalitarianism, China has got the best performance in supporting women’s potential in economic activities.  

China has a lot of problems such as regional inequality in living standard due to its rapid growth in large cities,  no democracy, pollution and so on.  Nevetheless people in developed countries should learn something good from China in this facet of  Chinese women’s best working context provided by its community and cultural heritage, despite that the origin of this idea is stemmed from so called Maoism.   I suppose that Mao passed a precious gift to his nation’s female decendents. 

The article describes that the reasons of richest Chinese women include a cheap childcare, child supports from the grandparents and absence of any stigma.  I would like to add some of them, those are Chinese women’s positive thinking and guts to survive.