New Age of Ordinary People’s Doing Right – Hope for the Future

At an official event at an Embassy, I was talking with a representative of educational institution after I had finished checking my e-mail addresses by my iPad at balcony.   He said to me, “How was your work going?”  I said “Pretty well, and you?”  He said, “Thanks, it has been good.”

We talked more than greeting.  I said, “I heard you are in charge of East Asian and the location of your office is in Soul (in South Korea).  I wonder if the people in Soul have been threatened by the intimidation of North Korea and very annoyed.  The current state of Korean Peninsula is quite dangerous.”   He said, “The situation is bad.  But people there need do their own things and are unlikely to be annoyed too much.  Because I believe ordinary people in the world.  I have a positive thinking even if some one says it is a bit wishful thinking.  I believe people do things right whatever some leaders do unkind things.”   I said, “Yea,  ordinary people is trying to say their reality because they work, live their lives and act for the society in the real world.  Any countries, authorities announce propaganda more or less.  But in this Century, people have noticed whatever they can say their real opinion, ideas and facts especially using social network services such as Facebook and Twitter.”  He said, “Exactly.  Of course there are challenges in people’s situations and I know it is not an easy thing to get rid of deep rooted problems.  But I believe human’s future is gradually becoming better.”

I enjoyed the conversation very much even if it is a casual and short one.  Yes, I believe in the positive side of the human future.  Ordinary people have got their fatal weapons as social network system, blogs, smart phones and many positive applications.  I do believe in the new era of ordinary people’s new way of connection.


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