He is somebody, the guy of our role model

I opened the cover of my PC in the small hours of this morning, turned it on and checked my e-mails.   This is my routine work not very different from other people.  I found the title of e-mail, “Good news”, from my best friend.

Lu got a great job from a central govenment.  Direct call form the prime minister.

I know how he has been diligent, hard working, positive, forward looking and clever.  Also, he is always nice to his family and friends and it means he is trustworthy.  These should be the reasons that he was chosen from many candidates by the officials of the central government.

I believe he must be the role model of anybody who needs success.  To be diligent and hard working at the same time forward looking must be the key of success.  I know he has had a hard life in his past.  His family were raided by burglars at home country, financially struggling student life abroad, demanding search for a new working position abroad and so on.

His story is as same as the nitty gritty of the concept of a book I finished its reading yesterday, “Outliers; The Story of Success” (http://www.amazon.com/Outliers-Story-Success-Malcolm-Gladwell/dp/0316017930/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1359515438&sr=1-1&keywords=outliers) and that is also the reason that my happiness to hear that is so fresh.  I agree to the idea: Outliers are not naturally borne. He/she becomes an outlier because he/she simply works significantly harder than others, has got good luck and lives in a right environment.

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