Social Challenge needed to female work force (case in Japan)

One of the main challenges to be a better society should be to give opportunities to women.  Even in developed countries, it is not an alien case.  I think it over through Japanese context.

I think Nadeshiko-Japan (the Female Football World Cup Campion Team 2011, as the first giant step of the Japanese team) should not be the rare case of Japanese women’s successful activities.
Japanese corporations are likely to

# hire young men but give limited responsiblities and duties based on past success of the corporation
# not hire middle aged and over men across-the-board even if they have good skills because they should have different experience/ ways of thinking other than the operational means and culture of the corporation (for international firms, that is an advantage, but in Japan in general not so)
# not hire female candidates for responsible positions across-the-board not thinking about their attributes

Either case above would result in a waste of assets or missing chance. Especially in the case of women, it has many reasons in managerial side disregarding female power:

* Women are likely to avoid Tenkin (order to replace usually needed to move to a different city/town), implied (in reality forced and it should be accepted if they need promotion or avoid bad Tenkin) overtime job often not paid/only partly paid and Nomikai (drinking party with their bosses).
* If the boss of woman coerced unreasonable orders, the woman may become emotional and even tell anybody about the boss’s domineering attitude (because they are usually not a Shachiku or Kigyou-senshi as Tomoko-san above remarked) and the boss is afraid of it.
* Women may take extra holidays for their family or health reasons while male collegues avoid them even if they or their families are sick.
* Women are likely to be better citizens and unlikely to breach/bypass (or get away with) law/regulation for the corporation (Remember Olympus case. The board was consited of all Japanese old men except an whishle blower as a male foreigner).

However, women are only great human assets wasted in Japan can be used effecitvely right now, especially in the cases of skilld and motivated women. Meanwhile, young students take time to be marketable in human resocurce markets.  Foreigners need better environment. Unemployed need training.  But many women can do better if they get chance and much better if they get a nicer environment.

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