Latest good talk event

I visited a talk event in Tokyo on 26th November.  The theme was “Children who have been suffered by wars”.  Two young ladies,  Sahel Rosa and Kanae Doi, talked about it.  Sahel was an Iranian but had been raised in Japan by an Iranian surrogate mother.  Her family had been killed by bomb during Iran- Iraq War in 1980’s and became the only survived family member at 4 years old, and had had hard times since then.  But she has got a little success and is now a TV reporter, programme assistant and actress in Japan.  The other was a Japanese lawyer, Ms. Doi, who was also the leader of Japanese Office of Human Rights Watch, had supported many oppressed people.

 The talks had progressed, remarking Sahel’s severe life story and illustlating of Human Rights Watch’s activities focusing upon child soldiers by Ms. Doi.  I was impressed by their talks as well as my wife and probably as most audience visited.  Perticularly I was surprised by the truth that around from 200 to 300 thousands of children over the world have become soldiers and been imposed an extremely sever childhood.  A film, Innocent Voices ( was recommended to watch.

I believe we should know more truth about the dark side over the world based on the remarks of those who experienced their sever life like Sahel or directly dealt with them like Ms. Doi.  And we should understand them well and then can make the change for the better.

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