China announces end date for taking prisoners’ organs


BBC News reported that:
A senior Chinese official has said the country will phase out the practice of taking organs from executed prisoners from November.

I knew China took the organs of executed prisoner to sell them in a black market and the earning became a fund of the government. That sounds scarcely of course. However, I didn’t know Chinese govemoment still continued to do that even after China became the second largest economy. But I am happy to hear that one of the worst case done by official vicious acts In the world will be stopped soon.

Battle for freedom of boys and girls


I have been moved by the speech of Malala, who was shot bt Taliban but still has been acting for girls’ right to be educated, at United Nations. She is brave, strong, forward looking, sincere, honest and bright. You can view her speech from here. She says that Taliban denies girls’ education because Taliban are afraid of women. Everbody’s happiness starts here by the bravery of a girl in this world as the place of information dynamics..

Suicide and Taiwanese

When I was in Scotland and studied English for studying at business school next year I was asked by a young adult Taiwanese student.  She said, “You said during your presentation you wanted to help the people who committed suicide.  I have no idea why you wanted to do such a thing.  That is non of your business.  I utterly don’t understand it.”   I explained a bit but she did not understand the deed of people including me at all.  

I guess even had she watched the film of my last posting in this blog she would never had understood it at all.



How to reduce the suicide rate in Japan – Life Management, NPO, Trial to Reduce Suicide in Japan

Please view the film disclosing the facts of suicide in Japan:  Saving, 10,000

New Age of Ordinary People’s Doing Right – Hope for the Future

At an official event at an Embassy, I was talking with a representative of educational institution after I had finished checking my e-mail addresses by my iPad at balcony.   He said to me, “How was your work going?”  I said “Pretty well, and you?”  He said, “Thanks, it has been good.”

We talked more than greeting.  I said, “I heard you are in charge of East Asian and the location of your office is in Soul (in South Korea).  I wonder if the people in Soul have been threatened by the intimidation of North Korea and very annoyed.  The current state of Korean Peninsula is quite dangerous.”   He said, “The situation is bad.  But people there need do their own things and are unlikely to be annoyed too much.  Because I believe ordinary people in the world.  I have a positive thinking even if some one says it is a bit wishful thinking.  I believe people do things right whatever some leaders do unkind things.”   I said, “Yea,  ordinary people is trying to say their reality because they work, live their lives and act for the society in the real world.  Any countries, authorities announce propaganda more or less.  But in this Century, people have noticed whatever they can say their real opinion, ideas and facts especially using social network services such as Facebook and Twitter.”  He said, “Exactly.  Of course there are challenges in people’s situations and I know it is not an easy thing to get rid of deep rooted problems.  But I believe human’s future is gradually becoming better.”

I enjoyed the conversation very much even if it is a casual and short one.  Yes, I believe in the positive side of the human future.  Ordinary people have got their fatal weapons as social network system, blogs, smart phones and many positive applications.  I do believe in the new era of ordinary people’s new way of connection.


He is somebody, the guy of our role model

I opened the cover of my PC in the small hours of this morning, turned it on and checked my e-mails.   This is my routine work not very different from other people.  I found the title of e-mail, “Good news”, from my best friend.

Lu got a great job from a central govenment.  Direct call form the prime minister.

I know how he has been diligent, hard working, positive, forward looking and clever.  Also, he is always nice to his family and friends and it means he is trustworthy.  These should be the reasons that he was chosen from many candidates by the officials of the central government.

I believe he must be the role model of anybody who needs success.  To be diligent and hard working at the same time forward looking must be the key of success.  I know he has had a hard life in his past.  His family were raided by burglars at home country, financially struggling student life abroad, demanding search for a new working position abroad and so on.

His story is as same as the nitty gritty of the concept of a book I finished its reading yesterday, “Outliers; The Story of Success” ( and that is also the reason that my happiness to hear that is so fresh.  I agree to the idea: Outliers are not naturally borne. He/she becomes an outlier because he/she simply works significantly harder than others, has got good luck and lives in a right environment.

Courageous Girl, Malala

She is brave, courageous and honest and wants to save her country and school for the better.  Her name is Malala, 14 years old.

I was deeply moved after viewing the videos of YouTube.  It was also heart breaking due to the environment where those girls and other ordinary Pakistani dwell.   How such a little girl can protest against violence, terrorism and vicious ideas including trial to ban women and girls’ education.  Those bad things have been conducted by Taliban in Pakistan

Malala Yousafzai – The name bravery, courage, success and peace. (NYTimes)

Profile of Malala Yousafzai Pakistani Girl Shot by the Taliban – Class (This is more detailed version of the above but has a bit cruel scene.)

Now Malala is regarded as the name of courage by many honest people in the world.   It means no obedience made by terrorists and no ignorance against violence.   Her attitude and actions are giving us the courage to stand up against evil.

I hope her critical condition damaged by the attack of Taliban in a coma would be relieved soon.

Social Business for the Better World

I attended a seminar and network monthly opened in Tokyo, Tokyo Business Meetup.   The topic was about social business as the future main business presented by Duco Delgorge, Chairman of the European Business Council in Japan.  It was a great presentation expressing the future of societies and environment, comparison between types of organisations effectively or ineffectively affecting societies and the advantages of social business.  The attendants seemed to understand the basics of the value of social business and get the key or hints to start new businesses or arrange their own ongoing because the most attendants were entrepreneurs or would-be entrepreneurs .

It should be right that the huge gap between haves and have-nots, expressing at the presentation as street beggars in Munbai and the billionaire who has a property of $1 billion and 600 servants.  Also the wage gap between a CEO and typical worker is almost 350 times (when I learned at a business school it was said around 100 times a decade ago) in the USA.  It should be also correct that human being is using the resource of the planet over its capacity.  It was explained at the presentation as the problem as industrial farming, overfishing, extinct animals and climate change at a large amount/degree.  I think all these facts must be the inevitable aspects to popularize and develop a social business.

The analysis of the presentation also remarked about the characteristics of social business.  A social business have both of power and ethics whereas a government and corporation have the former but not the latter and vice versa for an NPO.  The presentation showed the mechanism of social business to grow and even it could finance to other social businesses at certain time point of its growth of profit.  I think it is likely.

The seminar did not give ample examples or appropriate strategies to manage a social business well.  It may have depended upon the limitation of time, intentionally given the opportunities to creat a unique framework for attendants’ businesses or their future businesses or freedom to study independently.  I believe that well-developed ideas are the most important factor to start and maintain a social business effectively and successfully.

Ultimately it is our responsibilities and desire to hand over the better world and sustainable environment to the next generation.  So a social businesses would be increasingly more precious and meaningful than the present state as limited players and candidates of social business.

Be Fair (No Bullying)!

I have a plan to start a social activity within this June.  I had experience to be bullied by other children when I was a single digit age.  I still understand and feel how bad bullying is.  This is my first activity to start an action to change the world for the better place.  I have written several posting about the state of social challenge and needs of help for them in my blog.  But it is just a notion.  It is better thing to do a valuable action rather than just writing about social business or social challenges.
Anyway, bullying is a very important theme to challenge.  Because:
•An estimated 200 million children and youth around the world are being bullied by their peers, according to the 2007 Kandersteg Declaration Against Bullying in Children and Youth.
•Young people who bully have a one in four chance of having a criminal record by the age of 30.
Our new group, “Be Fair (No Bullying)” is going to make a short film to have bullies stop to do it and influence third parties once ignoring, hesitating to help or even supporting bullying actions and related adults to tackle with the predator and  help the prey.  The activity also have a socially valuable side reducing across-the-board criminal actions often committed by the youngsters or young adults who used to bully physically or mentally weaker or minority people.  I will also report about our activities via this blog as from now.

Social Challenge needed to female work force (case in Japan)

One of the main challenges to be a better society should be to give opportunities to women.  Even in developed countries, it is not an alien case.  I think it over through Japanese context.

I think Nadeshiko-Japan (the Female Football World Cup Campion Team 2011, as the first giant step of the Japanese team) should not be the rare case of Japanese women’s successful activities.
Japanese corporations are likely to

# hire young men but give limited responsiblities and duties based on past success of the corporation
# not hire middle aged and over men across-the-board even if they have good skills because they should have different experience/ ways of thinking other than the operational means and culture of the corporation (for international firms, that is an advantage, but in Japan in general not so)
# not hire female candidates for responsible positions across-the-board not thinking about their attributes

Either case above would result in a waste of assets or missing chance. Especially in the case of women, it has many reasons in managerial side disregarding female power:

* Women are likely to avoid Tenkin (order to replace usually needed to move to a different city/town), implied (in reality forced and it should be accepted if they need promotion or avoid bad Tenkin) overtime job often not paid/only partly paid and Nomikai (drinking party with their bosses).
* If the boss of woman coerced unreasonable orders, the woman may become emotional and even tell anybody about the boss’s domineering attitude (because they are usually not a Shachiku or Kigyou-senshi as Tomoko-san above remarked) and the boss is afraid of it.
* Women may take extra holidays for their family or health reasons while male collegues avoid them even if they or their families are sick.
* Women are likely to be better citizens and unlikely to breach/bypass (or get away with) law/regulation for the corporation (Remember Olympus case. The board was consited of all Japanese old men except an whishle blower as a male foreigner).

However, women are only great human assets wasted in Japan can be used effecitvely right now, especially in the cases of skilld and motivated women. Meanwhile, young students take time to be marketable in human resocurce markets.  Foreigners need better environment. Unemployed need training.  But many women can do better if they get chance and much better if they get a nicer environment.